A Mild Hot Take on the Age of Self-Care

In a culture that continues to promote endless products and ways to “self-care” we risk the temptation to inwardly focus too much on the self; life becomes more and more about what I need and what I want to do to care for Me. We are encouraged to make time for extra trips to coffee shops for the latest colorful Frappuccino, spend an evening on a facemask routine… “Clothes- treat yo’ self, Fragrances- treat yo’ self, Mimosas- treat yo’ self” etc…all because You deserve it.


I get it- I can’t tell you how many times I’ve splurged on new clothes from Forever 21 or a chicken sandwich from Chick-fil-a at the end of a hard day because I deserve this. What an easy trap self-care can become, and how easy it is to transform “self-care” into a distorted mindset of self-importance.

I don’t mean to say that some amount of self-care is unimportant, but I want to pose this question during the age of Self-Care 2018: How can we seek to care more for the “other” in our lives- The stranger on the street who needs food, a friend going through a struggle, a parent or sibling that we haven’t visited with in awhile? It could be offering someone a ride, or sharing part of your cookie at lunch. Heck, maybe you know someone who is on their feet all day with a tough job who could use a good pedicure but can’t afford the extra expense.

Peace and happiness will never be found with constantly focusing inward. We find joy in serving and loving others. Even the smallest ways we can get outside of our selves and find unique ways to care for others can be life-giving and could perhaps produce similar effects as any amount of self-care would have. #treatsomeoneelse     - Erin K. McAtee