"Overcoming Isolation" Installation

How often do we find ourselves feeling isolated within our relationships? Maybe we think we are on the same page with one of our friends or coworkers, only to realize that one person said something we disagree with, or didn’t say anything at all. Or maybe we weren’t as present as we thought we were in a conversation and forgot to give our full attention to the other. Perhaps the small flaws of someone we live with agitate us more than we can stand, and we forget about our own flaws. Whatever your experience of being misunderstood, misrepresented, or misinterpreted may be, your isolating experience connects you to the universal experience shared by each of us. These mixed media drawings express the isolated feeling that hovers over our relationships at times. The people featured in this project are my coworkers and myself, with whom I’ve worked with very closely for the past 2 years here in Danbury.

 If we choose to seek to understand each other more deeply through the gifts of our presence and time, we will find that our relationships will foster more unity and drive out division. No community or relationship is ever quite perfect, but growth begins with clear and positive communication, patience within our interactions, and giving more of ourselves to each person we encounter– at home, at work, or walking down Main Street.